Paul Gauguin, Landscape with peacocks


A fairly limited area located in an arid region such as a desert, where the presence of water makes possible the growth of vegetation, and therefore a human settlement. A place, environment, condition or moment, that offers more pleasant conditions compared to those of their context or surroundings: green spaces are like resting oasis in highly populated urban areas.

O A S I architects is an emerging architecture practice founded in 2009 and constantly devoted to answer the daily life needs for individuals and communities. The name does not designate a signature or it does not presume an attitude.

Projects are developed through a careful perception towards the context where each project is based, not only geographical (place) but also in regard of the complexity of its conditions (client, budget, timing). Each work responds to specific needs emerging from this double sided context, never giving away, even if with very light interventions, to subtle artistic twists.

Research and observation play a fundamental role in the process of ideas, which is particularly focused on absorbing the experiences and the atmosphere of the cities and the surrounding landscape. Oasi stands on these values to define places, environments, conditions and moments capable of offering the best features in their existing context. 

Each project therefore potentially becomes an oasis.


Pietro Ferrario, 1983 
architect – partner 

He studied Architecture at the Politecnico di Milano, where he received his bachelor degree in 2008. After his first experience with Alberto Garutti (2005-2007) where he developed a strong sense of contemporary art, he started working for several architecture practices such as UNO-A (2008-2010), and Laboratorio Permanente (2010-2015) where he was awarded with the honourable mention for the Medaglia d’Oro all’Architettura Italiana for the Architecture Project Future category in 2012. In 2009 he founded OASI architects. He taught as Assistant Professor of Interior Design in 2016 / 2017 and from 2018 he is Assistant Professor of Urban Design for Politecnico di Milano.

Francesco Enea Castellanza, 1982 
architect – partner 

He studied Architecture at the Politecnico di Milano and at the Technischen Universitat in Berlin; He graduated in 2008. 
After a two years intense collaboration with the artist Bruno Vaerini, he started his independent career collaborating with several architecture practices and then founded OASI architects in 2009. 

Anton Sagal, 1985 
architect – associate 

He studied architecture at the Politecnico di Milano, where he took his Master Degree. From 2013 he started working for several architecture practices such as Studio Privileggio-Secchi (2014- 2017) where he worked on relevant projects and competitions, facing a complex design approach and crossing different scales, from archiecture to territorial scenarios. He is currently, academic tutor in the Town Planning and Design Workshop at the school of Architecture, Politecnico di Milano. In this position he is constantly involved in several projects, focusing his attention on the role of design in the transformation of contemporary city. Since 2017 he collaborates with OASI Architects office.


Andrea Angiolini, architect
Marco Agosti, architect
Matteo Pigni, architect
Jacopo Luini, architect
Gianluca Micera, architect
Francesco Moretti, architect
Matteo Chiabotti, jr. architect

Since 2009: 
Giovanni Benetti, Filippo Della Lucia, Marta Saporiti, Emanuela Manto, Pietro Frapoli, Maddalena Mainini, Camilla Mirone, Krenare Juniko, Mario Ventilato, Erica Zanella, Cecilia Maria Boniolo, Chiara Pastorello, Sonia Zocchi, Salah Eddine Chemmami, Alessandro Ferrazzano, Riccardo Scarvaci, Valentin Graf, Federico Brebbia, Andria Charilaou, Michele Reggiori, Alice Tafuri, Celia Cardona Cava, Guglielmo Vitelli, Laura Cavelli, Jessica D’Oria, Alberta Nicoletti, Matteo Andrenelli, Andrea Crespi, Riccardo Ferrario, Filippo Caturegli, Niccolò Rizzo, Filippo Spotti, Michele Brambilla Pisoni, Simone Baccaglini, Alessia Polesello, Andrea Bigi, Nadjeschda Wyer.

Main Consultants 

Gianluca Pulacini (Construction Supervisor)
Studio MPM (Urbanism, Structures & Mep)
Studio Jurina (Structures)
Studio Sammartini (Structures)
MP Next Como (Mep)
Sofia Meda (Landscape)
RSL Rebediani Scaccabarozzi (Landscape)

Laura Cavelli (Photography)

Waga (Web Agency)

Main Publications

Objets Trouvés / Paris 2023
Book: OBJETS TROUVÉS – Barrault Pressacco 
Author: Barrault Pressacco 

Author: Roberto Bosi

PARAGRAFI / Italy 2021
Video Lecture: OASI architects 
Author: Alberto Calderoni

Platform #27 / Italy 2020
Author: Luca Molinari

Area 167 / December 2019
Article: Beyond crisis: Open dialogue on Italian Architecture
Author: Luca Molinari

Architecture is just a pretext / 2019
Author: Carnets

Abitare 588 / October 2019
Article: Una Felice Contaminazione – CM house
Author: Francesca Oddo

Archiworld 285 / June 2019
Article: FGN house
Author: JinAh Lee

Wallpaper Magazine / March 2019
Article: Art nouveau villa in northern Italy redesigned by Oasi architects into a family home
Author: Harriet Thorpe

Carnets Fanzine / March 2019
Authors: Carnets magazine

The contemporary house / Thames&Hudson / November 2018
Authors: Jonathan Bell, Ellie Stathaki

Bau Netz / October 2018
Article: Einfamilienhaus in Oberitalien von OASI Architects

Afasia Archzine / July 2018
Article: oasi

Elle Decor Italia / August 2018
Article: In Lombardia una villetta in cemento che ridefinisce il concetto di design urbano
Author: Rita Salerno

Domus Web / July 2018
Article: Lombardy. A house with a garden by OASI architects 
Author: Alessandro Benetti

Wallpaper Magazine / July 2018
Article: FGN House is an exercise in concrete subtlety
Author: Ellie Stathaki

Wallpaper Magazine / July 2016 
Article: Wallpaper Architects’ Directory 2016
Author: Jonathan Bell 

Residences décoration magazine / June 2016 
Article: Architetti italiani e portoghesi, giovani generazioni a confronto
Author: Céline de Almeida 

Piera magazine #2 
Article: Abitare oggi, spazi ritrovati
Author: Serena Guadagnini 

Arc Art Blog 
Article: Conversione di un capannone industriale in villa
Author: Daniele Drigo 

Journal du design 
Article: UV house
Author: Camille Caruana 

Lombardia Oggi 
Article: Gli architetti dell’OASI
Author: Veronica Deriu


Cavallerizza Reale di Torino / 2023
4st Prize, restricted competition for Cavallerizza Reale in Torino. With AJDVIV – Amarchitectrue, RS Landscape, Segattini, A&A, Projema

Primary School – Lamezia Terme / 2022
1st Prize, open competition for a new primary school in Calabria.

Primary & Secondary School – Alviano / 2022
3rd Prize, open competition for a new primary school in Umbria.

Agricultural School – Lavello di Potenza / 2022
2nd Prize, open competition for a new primary school in Potenza. With Errantearchitetture

Pavillion and Square – Valmorea / 2021
3st Prize, open competition for Valmorea Pavillion and square.

Archilovers Best Project / 2020
Segrate Villa is one of the best project of the year.

Theodor Krone Park – Kaliningrad / 2019
1st Prize, open competition for the park of Theodor Krone in Kaliningrad.

Archilovers Best Project / 2019
CM house is one of the best project of the year.

Big See Award / 2019
FGN house is nominated for the best house in residential category

Archilovers Best Project / 2018
Comerio house is one of the best project of the year.

Auditorium Carugate / 2018
3rd prize, open competition for the new Auditorium of Carugate.

Wallpaper Architects’ Directory / 2016 
Design and lifestyle magazine Wallpaper* has included OASI in their 2016′ s Architects Directory. The list consists of 20 most interesting architecture firms from around the globe.

Biennale Interieur Space Award / 2016 
Honorable mention / “Watering” is a concept for a bar for the design fair of Interieur in Kortrijk, Belgium. 

Archilovers Best Project / 2015 
UV house is one of the best project of the year. 

Lectures, Conferences & Exhibition

Architect Talk / Borgomanero NO
Lecture: ARCHITECT TALK OASI – Proviaggiarchitettura and Dughera / Finstral
Lecturer: Marcello Bacchini

HOLY MOLY / Castelletto Uzzone CN
Lecture: HOLY MOLY – Banca del Fare and Amarchitectrue
Lecturer: Luca Mostarda

Lecture: O A S I – IAAD Torino student lecture
Lecturer: Paolo Borghino, Sarah Becchio

PARAGRAFI / Napoli 2020
Lecture: PARAGRAFI – Università di Napoli
Lecturer: Alberto Calderoni

Zoom in Zoom out / Milan 2020
Article: ZOOM IN ZOOM OUT – Fondazione Ordine Architetti Milano
Author: Nina Bassoli

The state of the art of architecture / Milan 2020
Article: ZOOM IN ZOOM OUT – Triennale di Milano
Author: Jospeph Grima & Sarah Herda

La statua e il ninfeo 
Place: Genova / Time: 24/05/2019 / Type: public exhibition / Author: Caarpa

Open! Studi Aperti Varese 
Place: Varese / Time: 24/05/2019 / Type: public exhibition / Author: Ordine Architetti Varese

The city as a project 
Place: Stoà Busto Arsizio (VA) / Time: 02/03/2018 / Type: public conference / Author: OASI architects, Francesco Enea Castellanza.

The new square of Castronno 
Place: Castronno (VA) / Time: 06/11/2017 / Type: public conference / Author: OASI architects, Pietro Ferrario. 

On architects’ method: drawings, collages, models, text.
About the work of OASI architects. 
Place: Politecnico di Torino / Time: 14/11/2017 / Type: public 
conference, education / Author: OASI architects, Pietro Ferrario. 

Haiti, a new challange.
Place: Deamicis school / Time: 18/11/2017 / Type: public conference, education / Author: OASI architects, Francesco Enea Castellanza.