Conquer the garden. Bring nature inside. Two new windows. A tree right at the back. Inside, a faux wall slides through the living areas of the house changing the relations between the spaces.

A delicate, clean intervention to adapt a young family’s house to new needs. Two new cuts permit the opening of the southern wall, framing two views of a tree in the backyard: new lights and shades.
The inside windowsill is a liveable limit, a light surface where to sit, an invitation to look at the nearby nature.
A new wall (a new door) slides in the living area throughout the whole length of the space, offering new relations between the spaces: a white wood panel makes the space fluid, private, self-ruling and flexible with its simple movement.
The heart of the house adapts itself to both the intimate and shared aspects of living.

Gross Built Area: 160 sqm
Year: 2015
Lead Architects: OASI Architects – Pietro Ferrario, Francesco Enea Castellanza
Team: Alice Tafuri
Photo credits: Stefania Matteo