Press – Carnets

O A S I is among the 15 emerging European offices included in the second edition of CARNETS, an editorial projects from IUAV Architecture University, Venice. CARNETS is conceived as an observatory of the state of the art of contemporary Architecture in Europe; an investigation on the different ways of doing Architecture that are rising in the old continent, with the aim to map, inquire, get to know the new possibilities available for the Architect, and to trace the new boundaries that the practice of Architecture is defining.

The second edition of CARNETS features: Konntra (HR), ganko (IT), Ponto Atelier (PT), Kosmos Architects (RU), Pyo Arquitectos (ES), Oasi Architects (IT), Raamwerk (BE), Buro Kofink Schels (DE), Dyvik Kahlen (UK), Paradigma Ariadné (HU), Ten Studio (CH), Conen Sigl Architekten (CH), Boano Prismontas (UK), MBL Architectes (FR), Rloaluarnad (EE)

CARNETS is a project by Marco Andreatta, Caterina Barbon, Gianluca Bernardi, Andrea Cusanno, Davide Cecconello, Leonardo Peressa, Tommaso Petrosino, Matteo Vianello

CARNETS is powered by the SdS IUAV funds and released at IUAV, Venice.